Lockheed Martin Australia announces establishment of Bursary with the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund

CANBERRA, 13 April 2020 – Defence technology and innovation company, Lockheed Martin Australia has today announced an investment in excess of $120,000 for the newly established Lockheed Martin Australia Bursary, as part of the Gallipoli Scholarship Fund.

The Gallipoli Scholarship Fund (GSF) is an Australian not-for-profit established in 1996 to provide scholarships for eligible descendants of Australian veterans to undertake tertiary study.

The purpose of the GSF is to honour the memory and legacy of Australian veterans.

The Lockheed Martin Australia Bursary is the GSF’s first corporate bursary, with the value of each Bursary being the same as for other Gallipoli Scholarships and Bursaries and apply for the first year of study.

For full details of the Bursary announcement click ‘here




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